The 2019 Airline & Travel Payments Summit will be held in London/Brighton from May 7-9. It will be the 13th edition of the conference, which focuses on fraud and payments in the airline industry. Currently, 300+ delegates are already slated to attend.

This year, one of the main focuses will be on how the industry can use the new reality of the “internet of things” in their customer-facing operations.

“This event will offer three conference tracks in a single venue: 1) Payments Track, 2) Fraud Track, & 3) Loyalty Fraud Prevention Conference Track. It will also offer the opportunity to connect with the best content and the best contacts in the industry”, the conference said in a statement.

The Loyalty Fraud Prevention Conference Track is being held in conjunction with the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association (LFPA) and will focus on helping airlines secure their own loyalty programs.

“Understanding the Fraudster’s Customer Journey will help you work better with the other departments like IT and Call Centres to stop fraud. In turn this engages your customers to help them help themselves against fraud. Attendees will also be able to meet and network with industry peers and best practice service providers to hear first-hand how to further protect loyalty programs from fraud,” the conference said.

The conference will cover a number of topics including various ways to help airline merchants understand how to fight chargebacks, the use of machine learning in the top eCommerce fraud protection solutions, and maintaining a positive customer experience. The agenda includes:

  • Cyberattacks – what it all means and what you need to do to minimise the risks?

  • How design of your payments/fraud approach is a key element to deliver a customer-focused experience

  • Regulation & Compliance and their impact on how you can engage with customers

  • Machine Learning & AI – what are the use cases and how quick are they coming to market?

Speakers scheduled to appear include:

  • Wendy Ward, VP Marketing, UATP
  • Rodrigo Camacho, CCO, Nethone
  • Stefan Bishop, Regional Director, EMEA, Ethoca

The event is being sponsored by a number of eCommerce fraud prevention vendors including MasterCard, Accertify, and Nethone. To learn more, visit the conference website here. To learn more about other 2019 fraud conferences, visit our eCommerce events page.

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