Doxo, an online bill pay company specializing in mobile payments via web browser, has launched new functionality allowing its customers to integrate with Apple Pay, the company said in a statement posted on its corporate website.

“Most of our users’ bill payments each month originate from their mobile devices, and half of those are using an iOS device. So, Apple Pay has been a highly requested feature for its convenience in simplifying and securing payments,” said Steve Shivers, CEO of Doxo.

The new feature will expand Doxo’s current offering of bill payment solutions beyond bill pay and allow customers to also use the service to make offline payments.

“This is just one of many steps we’re taking on our mission to greatly simplify and reduce the hassle of bill pay for our millions of users, and thereby bring new benefits to the billers on doxo. Many billers, individually, struggle to keep up with the pace and breadth of payments options. Simply by joining doxo’s national payment network, billers benefit from our continued expansion of payment choices, without having to manage the complexity, integrations and expense themselves,” Shivers said.

Enhanced Security also Critical for Doxo

In addition to the obvious ease of use improvements, Doxo also highlighted the increased security features Apple Pay offers consumers as a critical factor in the decision to offer the service.

Apple Pay uses the latest in tokenization technology to verify user identity and ensure that no username/password combinations are left vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters. This is a critical point for Doxo, which offers a “Private Payment Account Protection” guarantee to users of its service.

Given the currently estimated $3.9 trillion value of the bill pay market, as well as the increasing popularity of the Apple Pay platform, the move should increase Doxo’s customer base and profitability moving forward.


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