Software Development Manager, Fraud Prevention



You will contribute by managing a team of engineers, where you will build this new framework, and interface with the various stakeholders and teams. You will help design and architect this framework, and drive it to completion.

You will lead the day-to-day development — assign tasks, priorities, time estimates, releases, etc.

You will coach and mentor your team members and help them learn and progress personally. You will provide ongoing feedback and take care of all the administrative aspects of managing.

You will drive engineering excellence. You will help research new solutions, proofs-of-concept, and assess 3rd party tools. You will always be on the lookout for new technologies and frameworks.

You will collaborate with other Fraud Prevention teams in Israel and abroad, specifically the Customer Account Protection team.

You will collaborate with various stakeholders — product management, analysts, data engineers, data science groups, risk agents, customer success, and more.

How you’ll succeed

  • You’ll help build the team by hiring the best talent
  • You’ll understand fraud end-to-end use cases, policies, and methodologies
  • You’ll deliver solutions of the highest quality — scalable, performant, reliable
  • You’ll coach and mentor engineers on your team to do great work, while also pursuing their personal goals
  • You’ll be proactive with a self-starter attitude.
  • You’ll be a good listener, while also having strong opinions on what is right
  • You’ll be fun to be around 🙂


  • Managed a team of at least 3 engineers for at least 2 years
  • A software engineering background
  • A good systems architectural grasp
  • Experience with building web applications, databases, microservices
  • Experience with software development lifecycle processes
  • Able to read any code in an existing codebase, understand it, and change it to your needs
  • Be a people person, influential
  • Know some high-level application framework like Java Spring Boot, or Python
  • Experience with modern UI frameworks, such as React, Angular
  • Experience in driving projects end-to-end — not just technically, but also in influencing their goals and outcomes
  • Be self-motivated and proactive
  • Bonus Points:
  • Experience with: Robotic Process Automation
  • Knowledge of Fraud domain
  • Exceptional sense of humor
  • Play a musical instrument, or a gifted singer



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