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2019 eCommerce, Payments and Fraud Conferences and Events

One way to keep up with the latest trends in the ever-changing online business world is by attending e-commerce, payments, and fraud prevention events and conferences.

These events are not only great for listening to motivational speeches by the world’s largest retailers executives but they also provide excellent networking opportunities that can help your business to grow.

You will find the top e-commerce, payments and fraud prevention expos worldwide in this post and what you can benefit from attending them.

Payments Summit – Phoenix, AZ – March 11 – 14

This is a premier industry event that covers all things payments including EMV chip technology, FinTech, NFC, mobile wallets, open transit systems, contactless cards, and more. Attendees will learn about the latest on these technologies and the business opportunity they can unlock. More than ever before consumers now have more innovative payment choices, from contactless chip payments and secure EMV contact to mobile wallets like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Walmart Pay, Apple Pay, and more. Mobile-based tokenization – now the go-to technology for commerce providers looking to accept online and in-app payments – will also be discussed. The Payment Summit allows you to collaborate with colleagues on how to seize the opportunity to create a more convenient, secure, and faster payments world with mobile, EMV, as well as other innovative payment solutions. Attendees will discover the latest developments in mobile ticketing initiatives, mobile fare collection systems, and the steps state and federal regulators are taking to influence multimodal payment convergence.

MRC Vegas – Las Vegas, NV – March 18 – 23

Merchant Risk Council (MRC) annual conference is the largest global event focused on payment processing, fraud prevention, cybersecurity, technology, and financial services for e-commerce fraud and payment professionals. MRC Vegas will welcome over 1,600 attendees from 450 companies, located in over 30 countries. This payment and fraud event addresses the challenges, best practices, strategies, and growth opportunities of e-commerce. MRC Vegas will help you rethink your goals and refresh your knowledge. This event will offer attendees 4 days of networking, education, after-hours activities, and information sharing. Attendees will also have access to an expansive exhibition hall with a demo theater showcasing solution provider’s product, 70 exhibit booths, and entertainment and networking lounges. The rapid rise in e-commerce has resulted in an increase in transaction laundering, so it is important for payment professionals to attend this event.

Fraud & Breach Summit – New York City, NY – March 19

This event is designed specially to address the needs of fraud and risk teams, CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers), IT and security professionals, and many others by offering solutions and tackling real-world problems that participants can take back to their office and put to use. It focuses on global security topics like fraud and breach prevention and on other key industry verticals such as government, finance, healthcare, energy, and retail. The Fraud and Breach summit will give attendees the opportunity to learn from industry influencers and meet with leading technology providers. There are different threats all around us today looking for an opportunity to take advantage of the weak spot in our defenses. There is always a group of threat actors in pursuit, whether it is the PIN number of our ATM card, our business email credentials, our personal mobile banking information, or our identity as a whole. This event will help you learn how to fight back.

Shoptalk – Las Vegas, NV – March 22 – 25

With evolving technology, people are finding new ways to discover and purchase products and services. This event covers the latest evolution in e-commerce and retail as well as how consumers shop, discover and purchase today. It features over 500 exhibitors, 3,000 companies, and 8,000 attendees. Shoptalk gives retailers the opportunity to connect with exhibitors and investors at the event. You can also learn about the latest technologies, business models, and trends in consumer preferences, behaviors, and expectations. Expect a fantastic speaker lineup, a packed exhibition hall, and fancy dinners at this e-commerce event.

Retail Week Live – London, UK – March 27-28

Retail Week Live is the single largest gathering of senior retailers in the UK. This is the perfect event for those looking for a fun environment to be inspired and equipped on what to do to kick start the year. Attendees will leave buzzing with new insights, new connections, and new ideas that will surely energize you and your team to smash 2019. There are over 150 speakers scheduled to share their insights and experiences across the two days of this event. You will get to hear from disruptive new market entrants such as Oatly, Izzy Wheels, Monterosa, and Boss Brewing or the traditional bricks and mortar retailers such as Greggs, Walmart, Dixons, Sainsbury’s, and Carphone.  With over 1,500 attendees, you will get to network, start new conversations, and reconnect with old contacts. The content stages are placed strategically on the exhibition floor so you can spark discussions with new customers, engage with exhibitors, and investigate competitors. This event provides start-ups with an unparalleled opportunity to pitch in front of leading retailers. Attendees will discover new retail solutions and the best investment decisions to make for the future of your business.

Flourish – Chicago, IL – April 1-3

Flourish is the only FinTech conference that focuses on branded currency. It also targets a range of retailers from smaller Midwest retailers to those with a national presence. Branded currency is a new way to think about gift card, promotional points, value, and everything in the value chain that makes these forms of payment run. These products are more than just a form of tender; they have a real influence on how consumers spend. The laws around these products are ever-changing; fraudsters are now targeting this area so there is no better time to talk about these than now. Flourish provides an avenue for those in the payments value chain to meet with and from merchants and service providers. Branded currency is arguably one of the fastest growing, most scalable and sustainable segments of FinTech. It generates lots of revenues every year but it gets oddly ignored because it is fragmented.

eShow Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico – April 2-3

eShow Mexico features an illustration of e-commerce, marketing, logistics, cloud & hosting, creation and design of online shops and websites, social media, payment methods, open sources, email marketing, online reputation, mobile, and many more.  This event will feature over 4,000 attendees, 80 speakers, and 120 sessions. Many industries are now seeking to adopt more disruptive and dynamic business models where new technologies will serve as tools to reduce costs, improve production times, and increase investment returns in general. This event will feature over 50 conferences with topics ranging from e-commerce and digital marketing to practical and innovative applications such as AI. Attendees will discover the latest technological innovations and the latest trends in digital marketing and e-commerce.

Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) – Birmingham, UK – April 3-4

Internet Retail Expo is a digital retail event that combines insightful conferences with practical hands-on training on all online retailing aspects ranging from e-commerce, B2B, international growth, payment, and the latest in VR, AR, and other disruptive technology. Whether you are a seasoned retail professional looking for the latest best practice and innovation or a small business just venturing into e-commerce, IRX is the place to go stay ahead of the competition and for practical insight to grow online sales. Expect to meet senior figures from over 300 technology innovators including Michael Kors, Shop Direct, Facebook, Google, and Sainsbury’s. This e-commerce conference will showcase a range of thought-provoking speakers, next-gen technological real-life examples, and fascinating case studies. Attendees will learn more about the latest technologies and how to effectively use them to drive more sales. You will also have the opportunity to network with industry peers to meet new customers, partners, and further your career prospects.

Online & Offline Retail 2019 – Moscow, Russia – April 10-11

The Online & Offline Retail 2019 will feature experts in offline and online retail, top managers directly involved in the adoption and preparation of decisions on implementing specific projects developed by operators of online stores and FMCG-market (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods). This event will also cover topics such as e-commerce: business models, how to survive under modern conditions, barriers, technologies, acquiring services today, retail and technology, and many more. Online & Offline Retail 2019 is regarded as the best platform for an inclusive discussion of the realities of foreign, domestic, and modern retail. Attendees will receive valuable information about the strategies that help you avoid wandering off the right course. You will also discover new breakthrough technologies planned for implementation or already implemented on the market. This e-commerce event will help you understand the innovation that can help your company achieve your desired heights. Online & Offline Retail 2019 will give you the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.

Retail Risk – London, UK – April 11

Retail Risk London will provide participants with unparalleled networking opportunities as well as expert-led discussion sessions on the best practice solutions you can use to grow their business. This event features 32 expert-lead retailer discussions with each dealing with a different area of risk management. Additionally, there are 14 main stage presentations across the eRisk and Retail Risk conference zones with topics such as the biggest issue facing modern omnichannel retail environments. The exhibition of the Retail Risk conference contains the largest gathering of retail risk management solutions for physical and online retail, so you can find the solutions to the risk management challenges your company is facing. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage and network with peers and find out how they are growing their business.

Transact – Las Vegas, NV – April 30 – May 2

Transact powered by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) which is the largest payments industry trade group. This event’s main focus is on the business of payments. Transact gathers over 3,000 professions from around the world and you will learn from industry experts about software, integrated payments, sales, and security. This is a busy 3 days event with both conference and exhibition, including the ETA University Fraud and Risk course. This event will help equip your business with the tools to thrive, grow, and survive in a competitive and evolving space. Small merchants are revolutionizing the merchant acquiring industry as they adopt new tools to accept new payments and integrated software solutions that bring efficiency and speed to their business operations. Transact explores opportunities to define payment products and services that support small and medium business players.

Retail EXPO 2019 – London, UK – May 1-2

For those seeking to discover the newest ideas, and insights from the industry’s retail heavyweights, sharpest thinkers, market disruptors, and innovators – Retail EXPO 2019 is the place to be. This conference features six stages and over 150 expert speakers sharing inspirational ideas, case studies, best practice across tech as well as design and design signage that can help to shape your business needs. Attendees will discover the latest thinking in payments both online and in-store and how they can smooth out the checkout process. You will also discover new technology that can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and make the difference to the customer’s experience. Retail EXPO 2019 is the place you can discover how companies are connecting with their audience to tell better brand stories.

Retail Asset Protection Conference – Denver, CO – May 5-8

Retail criminals are getting more aggressive. According to recent research from NRF (National Retail Federation), there has been an increase in aggression from organized retail criminals and shoplifters. As these criminals get more brazen and savvier, it is important for loss prevention leaders for loss prevention stay one step ahead of them. The Retail Asset Protection Conference is the perfect opportunity to get up to date on the latest regulatory developments affecting client assets protection like the Senior Managers & Certification Regime, recent enforcement action, changes to the audit standard, and MiFID (markets in financial instruments directive). This conference features a strong list of speakers from the retail industry, academia, and government who will lead over 40 sessions across four days. It will also feature a variety of technologies that can help you with asset protection. Attendees will have a chance to network with industry leaders to discuss some of the latest exciting tech that is shaping the asset protection and loss prevention industry. You will also have the opportunity to earn about 16 CEUs (Continuing Education Unit) towards your CFI certifications or Loss Prevention Foundation.

Retail Innovation Conference – New York City, NY – May 6-8

This Retail Innovation Conference is perfect for those looking to stay up to date with the changing technologies and tactics applied to all levels of retail. Participants will have a chance to exhibit how their solutions are driving innovations and results in an interactive environment with case studies and workshops. Attendees will get new tips, ideas, and best practices from industry disruptors they can take back to their team and act on. You will also discover how to build and sustain a profitable brand in the digitally competitive environment today.  This conference will allow you to discover the latest business models and tech trends with its strategy-focused panels. Retail Innovation Conference provides the opportunity to meet and talk with industry experts in a relaxed, cooperative environment. Attendees will also get to have intimate conversations with top-level retail, analysts, executives, and other industry experts. Join the brightest minds in retail at this conference to learn how to exceed your business goals and think differently.

eTail Canada – Toronto, Canada – May 7-9

eTail Canada has since 1999 helped Canadian retailers share ideas, connect, and discuss major industry trends. This event is specially designed for those looking to improve their e-commerce efforts. eTail Canada features over 100 speakers from the largest retailers, e-commerce distributors, and innovative start-ups in Canada. It covers everything from growth to branding strategies. eTail Canada provides an opportunity for both startup e-commerce companies and big-box retailers to learn more about engaging and marketing with the international community as well as the Canadian market. Attendees to this e-commerce event will learn about topics like how to improve the customer experience, omnichannel growth tactics, mobile e-commerce, and the future of e-commerce. eTail Canada also features various networking opportunities where merchants can connect with business owners of like mind.

Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association (LFPA) Spring Conference – London, UK – May 7-9

This conference covers the latest practices for stopping loyalty program breaches and frauds. Attendees will have the opportunity to forge relevant contacts relating to loyalty fraud prevention. LFPA focuses on digital strategies that will help you get ahead of these threats. You will also have the opportunity to network and meet with best practice service providers as well as industry peers to hear first-hand how to further protect loyalty programs from fraud.

MRC London – London, UK – May 13-15

This payment and fraud event is the most esteemed and dynamic conference in Europe for payments, fraud, and risk professionals. The MRC London conference welcomes over 30 exhibitors, 6,000 professionals, and over 200 different solution providers, merchants, card brands, issuers, and law enforcement organizations to discuss strategies, best practices, growth opportunities, challenges, and more, spanning payments and frauds. Topics at the MRC London 2019 cover the entire industry from AI to customer identity to regulations and authentication. Attendees can explore breakout sessions, small group discussions, keynotes, panels, after-hours events, networking opportunities, an exhibition hall, and many more activities. The digital commerce landscape is constantly innovating at lightning space, shifting and presenting new challenges and opportunities alike. The online market is now fluid, and no longer restricted by domestic borders with the evolution and development of enterprises like virtual marketplaces, data sharing, open banking, intelligence networks, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Participants will discuss how the nuances and culture of payments and fraud are adapting to an international scale.

Omnichannel Insight Summit – Naples, FL – May 13-15

This conference will bring together business leaders and senior decision-makers from across industries to share omnichannel experience – discuss current challenges and find pragmatic solutions. This summit is designed for executives in market-leading brands and disruptive new entrants’ executives looking to take their business to the next level. The topics at the Omnichannel Insight Summit will include how personalization and social media drives customer loyalty and engagement and how to use cross-device shopping and e-commerce software to optimize the omnichannel experience. There will also be case studies, collaborative sessions, and workshops that focus on future technology innovations and real challenges. Attendees can network with their industry peers to get practical advice tailored to their specific needs, Omnichannel Insight Summit provides its participants with everything they need to implement their key projects more effectively.

Magento Imagine 2019 – Las Vegas, NV – May 13-15

Magento is now part of Adobe and they are determined to continue driving innovation for companies by creating end-to-end experiences. Magento Imagine offers over 3,000 e-commerce merchants, providers, and agencies the opportunity to come together and gain a winning advantage through training, presentations, and early access to new products. With over 100 sessions and 150 speakers, every attendee will go away with insights on how to strategize their digital transformation as well as the most successful e-commerce tools. Attendees can attend the best merchant case studies, practice presentations, one-on-one consulting, training sessions, and networking events. You will also get expert advice and discuss the latest technologies, strategies, and ideas in the field. Magento Imagine promotes innovation and growth of commerce.

World Retail Congress – Amsterdam, Netherlands – May 14-16

The World Retail Congress provides attendees with an opportunity to join the Congress to discover what is new and next so they can learn from those already well on their way, readjust their strategies, and ensure their business will be a winner in the retail landscape. The Congress gathers the most innovative and world’s foremost retailers together with top academics and industry experts to deliver actionable strategies and insights for your business today and in the future. This year, the focus is on content-led sessions which are interactive and honest. Attendees will learn from exclusive and original research and hear the latest market intel that can take their business forward. Attendees will get help facilitating deal making, mentoring- creating, and networking global connections. This event will allow you to discover how the retail landscape is changing so you can get ahead of the curve on what trends, innovations, trends, and technology are changing the industry and what they mean for your business.

ORIS Omnichannel Forum – UK, Date TBD

The Omnichannel Forum is designed specifically for shared knowledge, innovation, and collaboration as the cross vertical forum to discuss the new way of thinking necessary to survive in an era of omnichannel. This forum facilitates discussion between Corporate Social Responsibility, Health & Safety, Logistics, and Supply Chain professional to help them collaborate on the best ways to reduce risk. ORIS Omnichannel Forum will represent various sectors including travel, retail, financial services, hospitality, utilities, luxury goods, automotive, FMCG brands, and many more. Retailers know that collaborating on issues like Brand Protection, Loss Prevention Risk, and Health and Safety are more effective than working in isolation. Attendees to this even will be able to crowdsource knowledge of the latest best practices in online and internal fraud, opportunistic shoplifters, counterfeit products, organized criminal gangs or malicious claims can disrupt business operation and impact all the important bottom line.

Payments Card Forum – New Orleans, LA – May 21-23

The Card Forum is exclusively built for the card and payment executives at the industry’s leading networks, innovators, issuers, and retailers. It includes cutting-edge insight from the industry’s most innovative and admired institutions. The Forum is designed to help participants increase their program performance to create loyalty campaigns that grow customer engagement and spend, offset downward pressure on the interchange, and stay well ahead of technological innovation. Issuers are now faced with both terrific opportunities and critical decisions for gaining wallet share with the evolving security threats, mobile payment platforms, and pressure to stay ahead of changing customer behaviors. Forum attendees will get help preparing for the changes ahead to ensure they make the most of the opportunities.

CNP Expo – San Francisco, CA – May 21 – 23

CNP Expo allows attendees to share their expertise, future plans, and challenges. It also allows you to form and develop partnerships critical to the industry. Any business that accepts payments and sells product through a mobile app, website, mail order, or call center can benefit from learning how businesses are right now leveraging CNP (Card-Not-Present) payments in the multichannel retail sales environment. Attendees of this payment and fraud event will also learn the tactics fraudsters are using to export new vulnerabilities. In addition, there are case studies, panels, and expert keynote that offer up to 50 hours of practical advice educating merchants on CNP fraud trends, e-commerce strategies, and more.

Future Stores – London, UK – May 22 -23

The Future Stores e-commerce conference brings together in-store experience leaders from the most progressive retailers in London to allow attendees to unlock the full potential of bricks and mortar. With the constant wave of digital innovations, the need for personalized in-store experiences, and the rising customer expectations, it is now very important to invest in the right new store initiative to remain competitive.  Future Stores will welcome over 200 in-store innovators from the different European retailers to share practical insights on the do’s and don’t to help you achieve the best possible ROI from your transformation projects. Attendees will discover how to transform their in-store priorities from concept to reality by implementing new store formats that can connect better with the physical and digital channels, building a new in-store experience that drives traffic and increases sales and brand preference. Attendees will also learn how you can leverage advancements in technology to make finding and buying your products easier. Future Stores will teach participants how to use accurate product demand forecasting to smartly use your store.

Chargeback University – Los Angeles, Toronto, London – June 18, 20, 27

Chargeback University is presented by Chargebacks911, one of the world’s foremost experts in chargeback management, Chargeback University was created exclusively for merchants, and is designed to deliver the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute chargeback management information available today. This free, half-day program features a full slate of informative sessions and industry tips you won’t find anywhere else.

Money 2020 Europe – Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 3-5

The booming FinTech community in Amsterdam makes it the perfect location for the 2019 Money 2020 conference. This payment and fraud conference brings together the entire FinTech, payments, and financial services industry. With over 6,000 attendees and 2,000 companies, and 300 speakers, you will learn new ideas and future trends while also forging new partnerships. Many sessions in this conference revolve around disruptive and emerging technologies like AI and machine learning related to fraud and money laundering.

Perseuss Fraud Summit – Zaandam, Netherlands – June 4-6

Perseuss Fraud Conference is a cross-sector conference (with a strong travel focus) where fraud experts can learn more about sharing fraud data and fraud prevention methods.  Attendees will discover the latest trends and the best practices in fraud prevention. Fraudsters don’t limit their activities to one region or industry, and you shouldn’t either. This conference helps you to stay ahead of them by cooperating and learning from other industry experts. You will also be able to establish face-to-face relationships to discuss how to be a step ahead in the fight against fraud.

EWPN 2019 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 4-5

EWPN is a Pan-European Conference specifically focused on women working in Payments and FinTech. This conference brings women from all over Europe together for a full day event. EWPN will feature deep-dive workshops, plenary sessions, and interactive panels with industry female leaders. Topics to be discussed at this conference will relate to women in FinTech (Payments) Leadership, bridging the gender gap, female founders, pushing more diversity as well as inspiring future generations of girls into the sector. Attendees will get to network, share, learn, and an opportunity to build relationships important for development on a professional and personal level.

Digital 1to1 Europe – Barcelona, Spain – June 11-13

Digital 1to1 Europe aims to gather CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, Innovation Directors, Ecommerce Directors & Online Marketing Directors from the main online stores, retailers and brands. The key areas of work include: CrossBorder, E-Commerce, Omni-channel, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, Mobile and Startup Venture.  The conference will feature More than 15 business cases from experts working in the big companies in the Ecommerce and retail sector in Europe.  It will also include 100% Tailored interactive program & personalized agendas and Networking activities. The conference will also include the Retail Tech Awards competition. Where attendees can reward the most innovative RetailTech, MarTech, AdTech or Ecommerce Tech solution in Europe.

eTail Europe – London, UK – June 18-19

eTail Europe is an event where top European retailers meet to learn, collaborate, share, and discuss industry disruptors. Attendees will learn about the latest trends on how to build a global strategy, customer experience, how to differentiate yourself across touchpoints, and more. Attendees will also discover opportunities for moving their business forward. eTail Europe attracts some of the brightest minds in the industry, ranging from innovative startups to big-box retailers who will deliver insightful information about customer engagement, technology, marketing, and how they fit into the e-commerce landscape.

Shopify Unite – Toronto, Canada – June 18-20

If your eCommerce store is powered by Shopify then you can’t miss this opportunity to network with other merchants, partners and service providers.  The conference’s jam-packed agenda includes speakers such as the CEO of Shopify Tobi Lutke and last year even featured Canadian Prime Minister Justin Treadeu. Shopify is the worlds’ leading eCommerce platform, enabling eCommerce for hundreds of thousands of merchants across the globe.  It’s no secret that Shopify’s meteoric success has catapulted the Shopify Unite conference in Toronto as one of the must-attend events of the year.

Seamless Asia – Singapore – June 25-27

If you are looking for the latest payment solutions or you want to learn how new technologies are changing the way we transact, Seamless Asia is the place to be. This event will welcome 150 local and international exhibitors from across the world, showcasing cutting edge products, solutions, and services from identity, payments, cards, FinTech, financial inclusion, banking, retail, and e-commerce. Seamless Asia brings together innovators and entrepreneurs from the entire e-commerce value chain as the rapidly adapt to a new payments paradigm. From digital marketing to storefront creation and from payment to fulfillment, there are lots of ideas and solutions for new entrants to e-commerce and those working in an advanced environment looking to scale up. The face of retail is changing with the connected shopper, and this event will allow Asian retailers to adapt, thrive, and grow in the new world of connected commerce. You can take your store into the future with exciting innovations, new ideas, and cutting-edge technology. Banks, governments, and enterprises need to invest in the latest security and ID technologies continually to protect their customers, their information, and their employees. Seamless Asia also explores the latest trends, solutions, and ideas in authentication, access control, and digital ID.

IATA Global Fraud Prevention – Miami, FL – September 23-24

The ability to communicate, network, and share knowledge to evaluate trends and determine the best industry approach is vital to a good fraud prevention strategy. This event brings together global airlines, travel agents and OTAs, IATA Strategic Partners and service providers, card schemes, as well as law enforcement agencies and police authorities from across the world. This two days IATA fraud and payment event combine keynote sessions with presentations, open forums, and debates that enables participants to network, engage, and discuss the latest industry payment projects, global fraud payment trends that impacts on how fraud prevention is done today.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to share the best practices and coordinate efforts on fraud prevention with over financial executives and specialists.

MRC EU Members Only Meeting – Madrid, Spain – September  23-25

This is one of the most important payments and fraud conference. The MRC EU Members Only Meeting caters to 250 professionals to offer relevant education and facilitate business developments. This merchant focused, member exclusive event is designed for the industry’s top payments and fraud professionals to share, learn, network, and create in a confidential atmosphere conducive to problem-solving. Attendees will have access to the most pertinent information surrounding risk, fraud, payments, cybersecurity, and technology. This event will welcome all relevant stakeholders in the e-commerce industry including solution providers, schemes, card issuers, and law enforcement professional.  Please note – you must be a Merchant Risk Council member to attend this event.

Paris Retail Week – Paris, France – September 25-27

This e-commerce conference is opened to all e-commerce and retail professionals. With over 40,000 retail professionals and 800 participating companies, attendees will have enough room to network and discuss the e-commerce sector. Paris Retail Week brings together professionals in digital marketing and retailing. This conference will also showcase the entire e-commerce business value chain including omni-channel approaches, new distribution models, and the consumer journey. Paris Retail Week allows participating companies to present their products, solutions, and services to professionals in the following sectors: Digital in-store/Retail Tech, Payment Solutions, IT for commerce, Layout/Equipment, Logistics, e-logistics, Supply Chain, Marketing, Data, and Customer Relations. Attendees will learn how to devise an agile and flexible customer experience, adopt durable logistics, incorporate a new means of payment, optimize the use of marketplaces, make the best use of data, and manage multi-channel sales.

IMRG Data Summit – London, UK – TBD

IMRG Data Summit will reveal the key learnings from their studies where they analyzed participant’s performance across a range of datasets they track. This will help inform your strategy for optimizing your customer’s experience and understand how to adapt your site in a way that works for your proposition. IMRG Data Summit is primarily designed for specially selected solution providers and retailers. Attendees will understand the customer funnel, customer acquisition/retention strategies, so they can improve the percentage of visitors who make it to full conversion. This conference is structured around some of the unique data that IMRG tracks in the online retail industry. These indicators are used as a starting point for a series of sessions that interrogate trends and provide insights into what retailers can do to improve their performance.

NG Retail Summit – Scotland – TBD

The NG Retail Summit will bring together senior retail decision makers and business leaders from across the continent to discuss current challenges, share experience, and find pragmatic solutions to help deliver meaningful results. This summit will cover topics such as personalization: the art of customer customization; unified commerce: retail connected in real time; as well as delivery and fulfillment. This event will also include case studies, workshops, and collaborative sessions that focus on future technology and real challenges. The NG Retail Summit will include one-to-one meetings with industry peers offering practical advice tailored to your specific needs. Attendees will have everything they need to implement key projects more effectively.

Global Money Transfer Summit London (GMTS) – London, UK – TBD

GMTS is the most recognized conference in the money transfer industry and it brings together disruptors, innovators, and stakeholders to explore the opportunities and challenges in the remittance industry. The summit brings together a network of established industry stakeholders driving the worldwide payments and financial services revolution. This is the forum where regulators and the main operator will examine the areas that have the biggest impact in the remittance industry. Topics that will be discussed at this event include money transfer operators (MTOs), regulations, mobile money, crypto-money, digital innovation, EU regulators, and investors. Attendees will have excellent networking opportunities that can serve as a catalyst for countless investments, partnerships, and initiatives.

MRC US Members Only Meeting – Seattle, WA – October 16-18

MRC US Members Only Meeting is an elite conference hosted exclusively for members. It provides attendees the opportunity to collaborate with the brightest and best power players in the industry and lead discussions relevant to you and your company. This payment and fraud event is designed specifically for merchants and it helps to facilitate an intimate setting for information and networking. The session topics will concentrate on the most relevant payments and fraud issues challenging retailers. Attendees will connect with 250 professionals so they can have a valuable face-to-face time. All relevant stakeholders in the e-commerce industry including card issuers, solution providers, schemes, and law enforcement professionals will engage with top brand merchants to share best practices and advice on all things payments and fraud. Please note – you must be a Merchant Risk Council member to attend this event.

FUTR Asia – Singapore – October 16-17

FUTR Asia in Singapore is a retail, marketing, and commerce event where over 50 companies will showcase their latest platforms, solutions, and innovations. This summit is designed for those wanting to remain relevant, innovative, and keep ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving consumer landscape. FUTR Singapore will welcome over 3,000 delegates including corporate, brands, and retailers across E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Innovation, and Retail. Attendees will leave with new ideas and fresh contacts that can transform the way you do business. FUTR Singapore will cover future trends shaping commerce, retail, and marketing including Artificial Intelligence, Social Video, VR, AR, Robotics, Data, Advertising, Retail, and more. This summit will also cover the freshest thinking, cutting-edge stories, the most immersive showcases, practical insights, and real-time case studies of how the industry is evolving to meet the needs of the ever-changing consumers.

Money 20/20 USA – Las Vegas, NV – October 25-28

Money 20/20 is the world’s largest financial and payments services innovation event. It draws over 400 speakers and 11,000 attendees. It’s a 4-day event that connects those in marketing, retail, data, services, and technology. It helps retailers understand the disruptive ways that businesses and consumers spend, borrow, and manage money. Attendees of this event will get to learn about a wide range of topics including customer experience, banking, payments, entrepreneurship, security, regulation, and more.

LFPA Fall Conference – London, UK – November 7-8

LFPA Fall Conference is designed for executives responsible for fighting the growing problem of loyalty fraud program. This event covers the latest best practices for stopping loyalty program breaches and frauds. LFPA Fall Conference will allow attendees to make relevant contacts to help them stop loyalty program fraud. This event focuses on setting the standards to get ahead of the threats and to work better with other departments like IT and call centers. This in turn engages your customers to help themselves against fraud. Attendees will also meet and network with best practices service providers and industry peers to hear firsthand how to further protect loyalty programs from fraud.This conference will cover topics like AI & machine learning in fraud prevention, identity security, and the dark web, two-factor authentication, and other security tricks to reduce mile jacking and many more.

If we missed any event that you feel should be listed here – please let us know

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