How Automating Trust Can Help You Stop Fraud

How Automating Trust Can Help You Stop Fraud

Join us on Wednesday September 29, 10:00 AM EST

In this exclusive with Pipl, you’ll learn how identity information is an integral component of every digital transaction—that’s why it’s essential to be able to establish trust in identity data. However, widespread security breaches and fraudsters’ ability to rapidly innovate their techniques mean that traditional data sources are no longer the “gold standard” of identity verification. Focused on fraud, retailers and financial institutions are seeing ever-increasing levels of false declines and customer friction.


In this webinar you’ll learn the following:


  • Adopting a process of trust—looking for trustworthy customers and transactions that drive revenue and growth.
  • Delivering better identity data.
  • The importance of having identity data that is logically connected with statistically validated density, history, and consistency.
  • Automatically delivering trust signals to the transaction acceptance process for data-driven approval decisions.
  • How full visibility of customers’ identities and their connections accelerates approvals, reduces false declines, and increases customer satisfaction.
  • How to apply and operationalize the concept of trust to their own review processes.

And much much more!

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