Digital Trust & Safety: Combating the Evolving Complexities of Payment Fraud

Merchant Fraud Journal’s new report: “Digital Trust & Safety: Combatting the Evolving Complexities of Payment Fraud” was created in tandem with Sift, the leader in digital trust & safety. It shares new information about how to combat the growing threat from cryptocurrency and other forms of payment other than credit cards.


We conducted new primary research for the report, asking merchants how they approach defending against fraud from payment methods other than credit cards. The results show the vast majority of merchants do not understand the nature of the alternative payments threat, do not take it seriously enough, and do not do enough to protect themselves — leaving their organization highly vulnerable to disaster.


Download our report to get critical insights into where to invest you resources, how to prepare your team, and how to spot and fight back against this increasingly serious threat.


Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the report:

  • New data from Merchant Fraud Journal’s merchant survey, which revealed shocking insights about merchants’ preparedness to fight the growing alternative payments threat
  • Best practices for how to combat the threat
  • An overview of what to look out for in the coming month
  • And more


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