About Merchant Fraud Journal

Merchant Fraud Journal is an independent and unbiased publication dedicated to empowering online sellers to greatly reduce the impact of eCommerce fraud on their businesses. Its core mission is to break the silos surrounding merchants’ internal fraud prevention processes by bringing together industry professionals to share their knowledge with one another.


The company was co-founded by two former fraud industry professionals at the forefront of using the “deep learning” AI currently powering eCommerce fraud protection models. Years of seeing how every industry and vertical struggles with similar online fraud problems convinced them that more needed to be done to encourage merchants to crowdsource knowledge of how to fight back.


Unfortunately, the technology and business process knowledge needed for online sellers to greatly reduce the impact of eCommerce fraud is scarcely available right now. There is no single forum and resource where merchants, payment professionals, and other industry professionals could go to get educated on the myriad of challenges they face.


We seek to fill that gap by being a resource that collects insight from industry thought leaders and fraud prevention tool experts on topics such as chargebacks, false positive declines, account takeover fraud, friendly fraud, data breaches and more. Our goal is to help honest businesses quickly understand their security options and take action, so they can get back to focusing on their core business activities.


Merchant Fraud Journal encourages merchants and eCommerce fraud prevention experts to submit content about the tools, procedures, and data they use to combat fraudsters on a day to day basis. To be a part of the conversation join our community and get access to exclusive content and network with other individuals such as yourself or email bradley@merchantfraudjournal.com.


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