Merchant Fraud Journal 2024 Fraud Trends Report

Get the 2024 version of the most comprehensive and popular eCommerce fraud prevention guide available. Insights from 10 of the world’s leading chargebacks and eCommerce theft prevention solutions.


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  • Generative AI’s Impact on Fraud: Exploring how artificial intelligence is reshaping fraud tactics and defenses.
  • Human Analysts in an AI World: Assessing the changing role and importance of human oversight amidst advanced AI technologies.
  • Combating First-Party Fraud: Strategies and approaches to address the rising concern of friendly fraud in eCommerce.
  • Uncovering Overlooked Fraud Trends: Identifying and preparing for emerging threats that are currently under the radar.

Don’t miss the chance to get into the minds of the world’s leading fraud prevention experts and put their knowledge to work for you.

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