Win January Chargeback Disputes

Join us on Thursday January 6, 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Ex-fraudster Alexander Hall, and Brittany Allen, Digital Trust & Safety Architect at Sift, discuss how the physical actions fraudsters take in December show up in February chargeback data, and what you can do with that knowledge to win more chargeback disputes.

In this exclusive webinar for the Merchant Fraud Journal community, we’ll cover:

  • Why the January chargeback spike is inevitable
  • How to identify patterns in your data that indicate specific fraudster holiday season tactics (BOPIS/CNP/BNPL) 
  • Which chargeback disputes to prioritize
  • How to properly analyze holiday chargeback data to find (and close) vulnerabilities
  • And more

Join us for a unique discussion that will draw a direct line from fraudster activity through to effective prevention and representment strategies.

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