New Trends in the Payments Ecosystem


Businesses were caught unprepared by the sudden increase in digital payments over the last few years, leading to a considerable spike in fraud. The future will also bring new challenges. Total payment card volume is expected to increase to new highs—as much as $79.14 trillion—over the next decade alone. 

Inflexible fraud prevention strategies and outdated tactics will leave unprepared businesses struggling to protect themselves from increasingly-sophisticated fraudsters. Nilson predicts the industry will lose an estimated $49.32 billion to fraud, plus $180 billion in chargebacks.

How do you make sure your company’s not an easy target? Join us for an in-depth discussion with Sift, the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, about new fraud trends we’re seeing unprepared companies fall victim to—even those who think they’re doing everything right.


During this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • How the way consumers pay online and offline has changed 
  • The use of data to discover consumer attitudes and the direction of the industry
  • How these new trends will impact merchants over the next year 
  • How merchants can adapt to these new consumer-driven payment trends
  • What merchants need to do to adjust their fraud prevention strategy

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