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We’ve put together a comprehensive list of fraud preventions associations, councils and other non-profits as a resource available to merchants and individuals within the fraud prevention industry.

Full List

  1. CIFAS
  2. Merchant Risk Council (MRC)
  3. Merchant Acquirers’ Committee (MAC)
  4. NACHA
  5. National Retail Federation (NRF)



CIFAS is a not-for-profit organization and fraud prevention community with over 580 member organizations. Based out of the United Kingdom, CIFAS prides itself as one of the largest databases of fraudulent instances in the UK, helping reduce fraud across the payments industry. CIFAS consists of expert members and other partner organizations trained as fraud specialists, and the entire network helps reduce fraudulent activity in its various forms.

In particular, CIFAS empowers payment associations and business entities to create an environment of support against fraud by providing a series of services that help partnered enterprises better defend malicious activity. Database matching, employee training, and law enforcement networking allow CIFAS to create a collaborative environment for fraud prevention.

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Membership Info

  • Membership Categories:
    • You and your business can apply for one of three different membership categories with CIFAS, each with distinct use cases:
      • Data Sharing Membership: Gain access to the National Fraud database, in addition to other third-party information infrastructure. Members must provide company collected data to CIFAS..
      • Data Sharing (Enhance Internal Fraud) Membership: Designed for organizations with internal employee and job applicant data, the Data Sharing (Enhanced Internal Fraud) Membership gives access to the National Fraud Database and Enhanced Internal Fraud Database for additional security and data reciprocity.
      • Community Membership: The community membership category is for companies or entities that are unable to share data but can help with fraud intelligence and prevention education.
    • Individuals Support Services: CIFAS does offer three support services for individuals:
      • Data Subject Access Requests: You can request a copy of the data CIFAS has collected about you with a DSAR. Fill out the request form through the above link.
      • Protective Registration: CIFAS will place a protective warning on all your personal information so that partner organizations will take extra care when using your data. Use the above link to apply for protective registration.
      • Citizens Advice: CIFAS is partnered with Citizens Advice Scams Action Service to help you prepare or protect against potential fraud scams.
    • Membership Benefits:
      • CIFAS members and partner organizations get access to three listed benefits streams:
        • Data: Access the largest databases regarding fraudulent activity, fraud prevention, and fraud risk.
        • Intelligence: receive up-to-date news and information on the fraud landscape.
        • Learning: CIFAS offers accredited training and professional development opportunities through its CIFAS Fraud and Cyber Academ Numerous course tracks and tutor options are available for organizations and individuals.
      • Community Initiatives and Events: CIFAS offers a series of seminars and events in addition to plenty of learning resources:

How To Join:

  • Registration:
    • Register: Use the CIFAS Membership Inquiry Portal to begin the membership sign-on process. A CIFAS representative will complete your custom onboarding.
  • Price:
    • Data Sharing Member: Fees are yearly subscriptions customized according to your business size. There is an additional joining fee with this membership option.
    • Data Sharing (Enhanced Internal Fraud Membership: Yearly subscription fees are based on organization size, though recruiters and vetting services pay fixed fees.
    • Community Membership: Subscription fees are based on organization size, but members of this category receive unlimited database usage. The community membership is reserved for those who want to join CIFAS but have no reciprocal data to offer, as required by the other two options.
  • Organization Contact Links
    • General Inquiry form: Found
    • Web page contact form: Individuals
    • Web page contact form: Businesses
    • Contact Info:


 6th Floor Lynton House

7-12 Tavistock Square


Postcode: WC1H 9LT


The Merchant Risk Council (MRC)


The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting payment merchants through fraud prevention, risk assessment, and payment solutions. It is a global operation with over 500 member companies and more than 300 partnered merchants. Through an online forum, seminars, training, and career advancement opportunities, the MRC hopes to eliminate fraud within the payment industry and all e-commerce.

For member organizations of the MRC, you receive access to an online community with an extensive range of resources. Discussion forums, partner directories, online learning, and conference perks create professional development and networking opportunities in addition to fraud prevention support. The Merchant Risk Council also connects members to law enforcement, payment strategy experts, risk management entities, and other e-commerce research services to help merchants facilitate safe and secure payment transactions.

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Membership Info

  • Membership Levels: Membership options divide across three industry types, each with individual membership levels determined by payment volume, global reach, and MRC leadership.
    • Merchant Members: The base level of membership for those who want to access the MRC’s services.
      • Silver: reserved for merchants with a payments volume between $5 – $50 million. Members earn access to all standard MRC benefits but have no opportunities for leadership or sponsorship at this tier.
      • Platinum: A membership plan reserved for merchants with over $50 million in payment volume. Provides access to all MRC services.
      • Platinum Subsidiary: A discount membership for a company whose parent entity already has an MRC membership.
    • Solution Providers: Ideal for organizations who want access to the MRC’s member base for brand exposure.
      • Crystal: A membership level reserved for startups (under eight years old)
      • Premier: designed for regional benefits such as booth real estate at conferences or education marketing.
      • Signature: A membership level that gives organizations global sponsorship opportunities.
      • Regional Elite: Reserved for organizations who have a member on the Regional Advisory Board.
      • Global Elite: Reserved for organizations who have a member on the MRC Global Board.
    • Industry Partners: A membership option reserved for regulation and crime enforcement entities.
      • Law Enforcement: All government agencies who prevent e-commerce crime receive free membership to the MRC.
      • Issuers: A membership level reserved for any financial institution that provides payment infrastructure to merchants.
      • Ancillary services: A membership tier reserved for industry experts who can provide merchant solutions and training.
    • Membership Benefits:
    • Events:
      • Annual Conferences: The MRC stages four multi-day flagship conferences each year.
      • MRC Connects: Free to attend, MRC Connects are member hosted events for networking and enhanced learning
      • Merchant Exclusives: Merchant Exclusives are members-only events that you can access through your members portal.

How To Join:

  • Registration:
    • Register: Fill out the New Member Application to begin your sign-on process. Individuals can join a company membership by completing the Join Company Membership form online.
  • Price:
    • Merchant Members
      • Silver: Annual $500 fee
      • Platinum: Annual $1500 fee
      • Platinum Subsidiary: Annual $750 fee, though the parent company must have a registered membership with the MRC
    • Solution Providers
      • Crystal: Annual $10,000 fee
      • Premier: Annual $20,000 fee
      • Signature: Annual $25,000 fee
      • Regional Elite: Annual $40,000 fee
      • Global Elite: Annual $45,000 fee
    • Industry Partners
      • Law Enforcement: Free
      • Issuers: Annual $1500 fee
      • Ancillary Services: Annual $2500 fee
    • Organization Contact Links
      • General Inquiry form: Found
      • American Contact Info:

Merchant Risk Council Office

600 Stewart St. Suite 720

Seattle WA 98101

      • EU Contact Info:

MRC Fraud & Payments EU Ltd.

1-3 Burton Hall Park

Burton Hall Road


Dublin 18


The Merchant Acquirers’ Committee (MAC)


The Merchant Acquirers’ Committee (MAC) is a nonprofit, volunteer-led association comprised of payment professionals. The purpose of the MAC is to uphold the integrity of the payments industry, a task achieved through the education, training, and networking of community members. With close to 400 partner organizations, 1400 individuals, and over 3000 subscribers, the MAC hopes to support compliance standards and fraud prevention strategies.

A MAC member gains access to a wide variety of learning resources designed to help with professional development and career advancement. Since the MAC’s educational resources focus on the acquirer side of all payment transactions, no individual membership options are available, and members must sign-on within an applicable merchant institution program.

Contact Links

Membership Info

  • Membership Categories: While only available to organizations, membership categories are dependent on industry type and the total number of added members.
    • Payment Member: Designed for companies that use payment processing functions. As the most basic membership plan, it covers 1 – 2 individuals.
    • Unlimited Payment Member: The Unlimited plan follows the same benefits package as the Payment Member, but also includes unlimited individual registrations per organization, ideal for large-scale businesses.
    • Regulatory and Law Enforcement: A category reserved for payment card brands, government agencies, and other fraud prevention entities.
    • Solution Provider: The Solution Provider plan refers to businesses that contribute to risk management, compliance, underwriting, and legal support. Membership includes unlimited individual members.
  • Membership Benefits: The Merchant Acquirers Council prides itself on creating an education and networking community that supports the payments ecosystem.
    • Topical Publications: All members gain access to three distinct content packs:
    • Networking: Connect with underwriters, risk assessment professionals, and major payment entities for career advancement and professional development.
    • Sponsorship Opportunities: Large brands can partner with the MAC to sponsor events, lead training seminars, advertise in the monthly newsletters, and add to community forums.
    • Savings: As a volunteer-led organization, the MAC has one of the lowest dues of any trade association. You can request to volunteer here.
  • Events:

How To Join:

  • Registration:
    • Register: You can join online through a standard sign-up form. Your organization is a member and can access the members portal once all dues are paid.
  • Price:
    • Payment Member: $345 a year
    • Unlimited Payment Member: $495 a year
    • Regulatory and Law Enforcement: Free
    • Solution Provider: $745 a year
  • Organization Contact Links
    • General Inquiry form: Found
    • Contact Info:

Merchant Acquirers Committee

3736 W Shoreview Ln

Coeurdalene, ID 83814



Nacha is the governing body of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments system. The association facilitates all money transfers to any American bank or credit union. Because of the influence Nacha holds, its community of members can provide industry standards for all payment solutions in addition to continued education, innovation, governance, enablement, and advisory services.

Members of Nacha gain access to a community of financial institutions and other industry associations who are helping shape the operating rules of the ACH network. Members can vote on Nacha processes and receive insider information, resources, and ongoing support from the Nacha community. Member associations can also take advantage of employee professional development opportunities, education tracks, and company accreditation for a competitive edge in business finance.

Contact Links

Membership Info

  • Membership Categories:
    • Nacha Affiliate Program: The Nacha affiliate program is the base level members option, providing a low-cost method for associations or companies to access the ACH and Nacha network. Members gain access to discounted education tracks, events, and Nacha credentials
    • Nacha Direct Member: Only financial institutions can apply for the Direct Member program, but registered associations have direct voting power regarding the rule system of ACH.
    • Afinis Interoperability Standards: Afinis members are considered the technology and thought leaders of Nacha, and they help set the standard of governance procedures and innovation. Afnis members get early access to new system developments.
    • Payments Innovation Alliance: Alliance members consist of payment solutions that contribute to Nacha as project teams, helping educate the entire Nacha network. Alliance members help grow and expand the industry via payments technology.
  • Membership Benefits:
    • Education: Advanced career trajectories of employees with extensive education opportunities and accredited course tracks
    • ACH programs: All members get first look at new ACH system innovations and payment industry developments
    • Vote on Industry Standards: Depending on your membership option, you can vote on regulation, governance, and ACH rulemaking.
    • Leverage Nacha credentials: Use the Nacha logo, stamp, intellectual property, and accredited symbols for business differentiation.
  • Events:
    • Nacha holds an extensive and comprehensive number of events, including virtual conferences, webinars, industry events, and in-person seminars across a wide variety of payment ecosystem topics. Use the filter function to find and select an upcoming event.

How To Join:

  • Registration:
    • Select your membership option from the Become a Member page. Each membership category will direct you to Member Engagement, where you can request membership sign-on from Members Services. Email:
  • Members portal
    • You can find more registration information by making an account through the members portal.
  • Price:
    • Nacha Direct Membership. An annual fee of $38,500. Reserved for financial institutions only.
    • Afinis Interoperability Standards Membership:
      • $5000 – $10,000 per year fee for fintechs, consulting firms, and solution providers
      • $5000 per year for government agencies
      • $2500 per year for small businesses
    • Payment Innovation Alliance Membership: Custom fees ranging between $2500-$8000 per year based on organization size.
    • Nacha Affiliate Program: An annual 950$ for a federally insured financial institution. The fee increases to $1350 per year for all other stakeholders
  • Organization Contact Links
    • General Inquiry form: Found here.
    • Contact Info:

Nacha |

2550 Wasser Terrace, Suite 400 |

Herndon, Virginia 20171

National Retail Federation (NRF)


The National Retail Federation is a community of retail trade associations that help sustain the health of the retail and payments industries. By representing retailers across the United States of America, the NRF can help create policies, advocate for better business conditions, and provide security within online retail practices.

Members of the NRF connect with the widest network of retailers across several industry and business fields, helping unify national trade associations. Through education, conferences, and government advocacy, the NRF helps create a more positive retail environment for its members.

Contact Links

How to join

  • Membership Categories: The NRF offers one single membership option, though it does divide memberships status into four industry verticals:
    • Retailers: The standard status for the majority of NRF members in the community.
    • Industry partners: A membership status that includes sponsorship and teaching opportunities with the NRF.
    • Universities: A membership status to denote specific education benefits (e.g. scholarships) for post-secondary institutions.
    • FIRA members: A subsidiary membership association of the NRF for international retail trades.
  • Membership Benefits:
  • Events:
    • The NRF holds an event for almost every calendar day of the year, with council meetings, conferences, webinars, virtual events, dinners, and more available to retailer members.

How To Join:

  • Registration:
    • You can join the NRF through its members’ portal account sign-up. You can also email member services for more registration information. Email:
  • Members portal:
    • You can use the above link to log into your membership account after you have registered.
  • Price: NRF dues are paid based on annual sales volume tiers:
    • $0 – $10,000,000: Base fee of $2750 per year
    • 10,000,001 – $25,000,000: Fees of $3250 per year
    • 25,000,001 – $50,000,000: Fees of $3750 per year
    • $50,000,001 – $100,000,000: Fees of $4250 per year
    • $100,000,001 – $250,000,000: Fees of $4750 per year
    • $250,000,000+ : Custom dues based on an NRF formula
  • Organization Contact Links
    • General Inquiry form: Found here.
    • Contact Info:

National Retail Federation

1101 New York Avenue NW Suite 1200

Washington, DC 20005

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