Business Name: 192.com
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www.192.com is the leading UK search engine for information on people, businesses and places with 7 million monthly visitors. Its rich databases hold more than a billion records and include information on almost every adult, business, property and school in the UK. People and businesses use 192.com for a wide range of different reasons ranging from tracing or identifying individuals for business purposes, finding lost friends and family, finding a business, or researching schools or properties. We have recently launched Andromeda (www.discoverandromeda.com) a completely unique SaaS tool which allows non-technical users to investigate people and businesses through its amazing graphical interface. The service is targeted at organisations for the purpose of fraud investigation, law enforcement, debt collection, due diligence etc. Unlike traditional investigative tools, Andromeda allows users to immediately discover and visualize hidden connections between nodes

Business Website Address: http://www.192.com
Business Phone Number: 44 2079 092192
Business Address: London, England, United Kingdom
Employees: 51-100
Year Founded: 1997