We take a deep dive into the place where human trafficking, slavery, and e-commerce fraud meet. In part one of of our discussion with Aaron Kahler, Founder and CEO of the Anti-human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), we talk about the ecosystem of human trafficking and how criminals use fraud to pass money through the system.

Contact Aaron: Aaron@followmoneyfightslavery.org


About the ATII:
The combination of the ATII team, along with the resources from our many important strategic partners has proven to be successful in combating labor and sex trafficking by hitting slave profiteers where they’ll hurt most. We do this by sharing information and reporting activity to combat human trafficking through our relationships with the cryptocurrency community, regulatory officers and law enforcement personnel. We aspire to bring necessary change in the approach to trafficking prevention, detection, reporting, and collaboration to achieve social justice and save lives by disrupting the illicit economics of human trafficking.


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