Chargeback reason codes give the justification for banks hitting merchants with a chargeback. They tell merchants the reason for a disputed charge for a good or service. Consequently, knowing what they mean is a requirement to successfully challenge a chargeback.

Unfortunately, the process is not very transparent at the merchant level.

First of all, each of the major credit card networks — Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover — use their own system. Because of this, there is no standard chargeback code meaning. Furthermore, it is the banks themselves that categorize chargeback dispute types.

As a result, no standard type/code list exits. Merchants must familiarize themselves with the individual systems used by each of the major credit card networks.

Below is a list of chargeback reason codes from all of the following credit card networks:

  1. Visa Chargeback Codes
  2. Mastercard Chargeback Codes
  3. American Express Chargeback Codes
  4. Discover Chargeback Codes

Chargeback Reason Code Categories

There are four categories of chargeback codes:

  1. Authorization
    Authorization chargebacks are chargebacks with a problem with the authorization to execute a transaction (note this is different than settlement, which is a different process). Most often, this happens if authorization was requested but not granted. Similarly, a failure to request authorization will also trigger this kind of chargeback.
  2. Consumer Disputes
    Consumer dispute chargebacks are chargebacks filed by the credit card account holder due to a dissatisfaction with services. It’s important to note this category is separate from fraud. Examples include a merchant’s failure to cancel recurring payments, receipt of defective merchandise, or failure to receive merchandise paid for.
  3. Fraud
    Fraud chargebacks are chargebacks due to theft of either the credit card details or the physical card itself. Consequently, there is unauthorized use of the card by a fraudster. As a result, the merchant receives codes including counterfeit fraud, card-present environment, and EMV liability shift.
  4. Processing Errors
    Processing error chargebacks are problems at the point of sale. Due to faulty processing, completing the transaction is impossible. Examples include incorrect transaction codes, incorrect transaction codes, and duplicate processing of a transaction.

Visa Chargeback Codes

Below is a list of VISA chargeback codes. You can learn more about each one by vising their VISA Chargeback Management Guidelines resource.

  1. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 10.1: EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit fraud
  2. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 10.2: EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud
  3. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 10.3: Other Fraud – Card-Present Environment
  4. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 10.4: Other Fraud – Card-Absent Environment
  5. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 10.5: Visa Fraud Monitoring Program
  6. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 11.1: Card Recovery Bulletin
  7. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 11.2: Declined Authorization
  8. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 11.3 No Authorization
  9. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 12.1: Late Presentment
  10. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 12.2: Incorrect Transaction Code
  11. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 12.3: Incorrect Currency
  12. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 12.4: Incorrect Account Number
  13. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 12.5: Incorrect Amount
  14. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 12.6: Duplicate Processing/Paid by Other Means
  15. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 12.7: Invalid Data
  16. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.1: Merchandise/Services Not Received
  17. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.2: Cancelled Recurring Transaction
  18. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.3: Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/Services
  19. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.4: Counterfeit Merchandise
  20. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.5: Misrepresentation
  21. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.6: Credit Not Processed
  22. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.7: Cancelled Merchandise/Services
  23. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.8: Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted
  24. Visa Chargeback Code Condition 13.9: Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value

Mastercard Chargeback Codes

Below is a list of Mastercard chargeback codes used in eCommerce. You can learn more about each one by visiting the Mastercard Chargeback Guide.

  1. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 70: Chip Liability Shift
  2. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 71: Disputed Amount
  3. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 73: Duplicate Transaction
  4. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 74: No Cardholder Authorization
  5. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 75: Credit Not Provided
  6. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 79: Goods or Services Not Provided
  7. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 80: Chip Transaction – Late Presentment
  8. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4804: Multiple Processing
  9. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4807: Warning Bulletin
  10. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4808: Authorization-Related Chargeback
  11. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4809: Transaction not reconciled
  12. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4812: Account Number not on File
  13. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4834: Point-of-interaction Error
  14. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4837: No Cardholder Authorization
  15. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4841: Cancelled Recurring or Digital Goods Transaction
  16. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4842: Late Presentment
  17. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4846: Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided
  18. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4849: Questionable Merchant Activity
  19. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4855: Goods or Services Not Provided
  20. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4859: Addendum, No Show, or ATM Dispute
  21. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4860: Credit Not Processed
  22. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4863: Cardholder Does Not Recognize – Potential Fraud
  23. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4870: Chip Liability Shift
  24. Mastercard Chargeback Reason Code 4871: Chip Liability Shift – Lost/Stolen/Never Received Issue (NRI) Fraud

American Express Chargeback Codes

Below is a list of American Express chargeback codes used in eCommerce. You can learn more by visiting the Amex Chargeback Reference Guide.

  1. American Express Chargeback Code A01: Charge Amount Exceeds Authorization Amount
  2. American Express Chargeback Code A02: No Valid Authorization
  3. American Express Chargeback Code A08: Authorization Approval Expired
  4. American Express Chargeback Code F10: Missing Imprint
  5. American Express Chargeback Code F14: Missing Signature
  6. American Express Chargeback Code F24: No Card Member Authorization
  7. American Express Chargeback Code F29: Card Not Present
  8. American Express Chargeback Code F30: EMV Counterfeit
  9. American Express Chargeback Code F31: EMV Lost/Stolen/Non-Received
  10. American Express Chargeback Code P01: Unassigned Card Number
  11. American Express Chargeback Code P03: Credit Processed as Charge
  12. American Express Chargeback Code P04: Charge Processed as Credit
  13. American Express Chargeback Code P05: Incorrect Charge Amount
  14. American Express Chargeback Code P07: Late Submission
  15. American Express Chargeback Code P08: Duplicate Charge
  16. American Express Chargeback Code P22: Non-Matching Card Number
  17. American Express Chargeback Code P23: Currency Discrepancy
  18. American Express Chargeback Code C02: Credit Not Processed
  19. American Express Chargeback Code C04: Goods/Services Returned or Refused
  20. American Express Chargeback Code C05: Goods/Services Canceled
  21. American Express Chargeback Code C08: Goods/Services Not Received or Only Partially Received
  22. American Express Chargeback Code C14: Paid by Other Means
  23. American Express Chargeback Code C18: “No Show” or CARDeposit Canceled
  24. American Express Chargeback Code C28: Canceled Recurring Billing
  25. American Express Chargeback Code C31: Goods/Services Not As Described
  26. American Express Chargeback Code C32: Goods/Services Damaged or Defective
  27. American Express Chargeback Code M01: Chargeback Authorization
  28. American Express Chargeback Code M10: Vehicle Rental – Capital Damages
  29. American Express Chargeback Code M49: Vehicle Rental – Theft or Loss of Use
  30. American Express Chargeback Code R03: Insufficient Reply
  31. American Express Chargeback Code R13: No Reply
  32. American Express Chargeback Code FR2: Fraud Full Recourse Program
  33. American Express Chargeback Code FR4: Immediate Chargeback Program
  34. American Express Chargeback Code FR6: Partial Immediate Chargeback Program

Discover Chargeback Codes

Below is a list of Discover chargeback codes used in eCommerce. You can learn more by vising Discover’s chargeback resource for merchants.

  1. Discover Chargeback Code AL: Airline Transaction Dispute
  2. Discover Chargeback Code AP: Automatic Payment
  3. Discover Chargeback Code AW: Altered Amount
  4. Discover Chargeback Code CA: Cash Advance Dispute
  5. Discover Chargeback Code CD: Credit
  6. Discover Chargeback Code CR: Cancelled Reservation
  7. Discover Chargeback Code DA: Declined Authorization
  8. Discover Chargeback Code DP: Duplicate Processing
  9. Discover Chargeback Code EX: Expired Card
  10. Discover Chargeback Code IC: Ineligible Sales Data
  11. Discover Chargeback Code IN: Invalid Card Number
  12. Discover Chargeback Code IS: Missing signature
  13. Discover Chargeback Code LP: Late Presentation
  14. Discover Chargeback Code N: No Funds Dispensed
  15. Discover Chargeback Code NA: No Authorization
  16. Discover Chargeback Code NC: Not Classified
  17. Discover Chargeback Code P: Partial Funds dispensed
  18. Discover Chargeback Code RG: Non-reciept of goods of services
  19. Discover Chargeback Code RM: Disputed Quality of Goods or Services
  20. Discover Chargeback Code RN: Additional Credit Requested/Non-Receipt of Credit
  21. Discover Chargeback Code SV: Stored Value Dispute
  22. Discover Chargeback Code TF: Violation of Operating Regulations
  23. Discover Chargeback Code TNM: Improperly Posted to Cardholder’s Amount
  24. Discover Chargeback Code EF: Transaction Exceeds Floor Limit
  25. Discover Chargeback Code RI: Non-receipt of Requested Item
  26. Discover Chargeback Code UA: Unauthorized Purchase
  27. Discover Chargeback Code UA01: No Authorization
  28. Discover Chargeback Code UA02: Declined Authorization
  29. Discover Chargeback Code UA03: Sale Exceeded Authorization Amount
  30. Discover Chargeback Code UA11: No Signature, Swiped
  31. Discover Chargeback Code UA12: Different Signature, Swiped
  32. Discover Chargeback Code UA18: Illegible Copy, Swiped
  33. Discover Chargeback Code UA21: No Signature, Keyed
  34. Discover Chargeback Code UA22: Different Signature, Keyed
  35. Discover Chargeback Code UA23: Invalid Imprint
  36. Discover Chargeback Code UA28: Illegible Copy, Keyed
  37. Discover Chargeback Code UA31: Invalid Proof of Delivery
  38. Discover Chargeback Code UA32: Invalid CNP Sale
  39. Discover Chargeback Code UA38: Illegible Copy, Card Not Present
  40. Discover Chargeback Code UA99: Non-co.

Protect Your Business Against Chargebacks

Ready to fight back? The best way to avoid needing this list of chargeback codes is to first understand the types of eCommerce fraud that exist, and then do what you can do to protect yourself.

Remember, there is no foolproof way to prevent eComerce fraud. But the more knowledge you have, the better your chances of success.


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