Chargeback Gurus, an eCommerce fraud management platform specializing in how to fight chargebacks, has reached the finals of the Dallas Business Journal Entreprenurial Opportunity Contest. The contest, held in conjunction with the BBVA, announced five finalists for the competition. The winner will get $10,000 and the right to enter a Nashville competition with a $50,000 first prize.

In an interview talking about the competition, Chargeback Gurus CEO Srii Srinivasan talked about what motivated her to turn her entrepreneurial motivations towards fighting chargebacks.

“Over the past 16 years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve started multiple successful business ventures, including a call center. When I faced my first chargeback from a call center client, there was no one to help me understand how to fight it even though all the evidence was on our side. So, I educated myself and won every one of our company‚Äôs chargeback disputes,” she said.

“I taught our team about chargebacks, and we were able to build an entire system for chargeback management based on the knowledge we gained from our own experience. We began providing chargeback services to our clients and created Chargeback Gurus in 2014.”

In addition, Srinivasan discussed how the company’s tools help merchnats with chargebacks both by helping to prevent them and to fight them when they do occur. This allows merchants to turn to Chargeback Gurus for help at all stages of the fraud prevention process — something that not all eCommerce fraud prevention platforms do.

“Chargeback Gurus’ proprietary FPR-360 tool with Root Cause Analyzer looks at over 40 different data points to identify business vulnerabilities and prevent up to 50% of chargebacks”, she said. “The Smart Chargeback representment and trade process combines automation, data analytics and expert analysts to help companies recover up to 75% of chargebacks.”

Chargeback Guru’s and the other four finalists will be presenting their ideas to the competition judges on May 9th at the ‘Cultivating Growth: Strategies to advance your business’ event.


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