Cybersecurity agency Privacy Affairs presented their annual report ‘Dark Web Price Index 2021’. They gathered the data for such categories as credit cards, payment processing services, crypto accounts, social media accounts, hacked services, forged documents, email database, malware and DDOS attacks. 

“As predicted, there is much more volume being sold now compared to last year, with fake ID and credit card vendors reporting sales in the several thousands. Not only quantity, but the variety of items to purchase has grown as well, such as hacked crypto accounts and web services like Uber accounts,” the agency said.

Credit card prices vary from $14 (Walmart account with credit card attached) to $65 (Israel hacked credit card details with CVV). Typical Cloned Mastercard/Visa with PIN costs $25. Overall, credit cards are twice cheaper than payment processing services.

Paypal account prices depend on the transfer amount (from $15 to $340). The most expensive are Verified Stripe account with payment gateway ($1000), Hacked Weststein Card account ($710), Hacked TransferGo account ($510). 

Crypto accounts are also pretty pricey from $810 for a Kraken verified account or $610 Hacked Coinbase verified account to a $300 verified account. 

“Dark web market data may not provide the average person with useful insights, but what they do provide is a powerful perspective into just how valuable your personal data really is, and how cheap it is to exploit you,” the agency said.

Social media are also pretty cheap – Hacked Facebook account  $65, Hacked Instagram account $45 and Hacked Twitter account $35. Hacked Services are more affordable on the Dark Web than actual subscriptions, for example a Netflix account (1 year subscription) costs just $44.

“The reality is that hackers rarely resort to targeting specific people. With the sheer quantity of data available for purchase, they just need to play the numbers game, and if you don’t protect yourself, you’ll be the one paying the price. By adopting a few, simple rules and habits, you’ll make it harder for hackers to get your data, and in doing so take yourself completely out of their crosshairs. Like we said, it’s just a numbers game,” the agency said.

As you can see, the dark web continues to be a place where internet thieves thrive selling information obtained in hacks and other cyber piracy activities.



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