Kount, a leading provider of eCommerce fraud prevention software, has launched a new podcast: 5 Trends, 5 Minutes: Cyber & Fraud.

The podcast will air weekly and feature the top five headlines in cybersecurity, fraud prevention, eCommerce and payments, as well as an interview with industry experts breaking down key topics.

It is launching today, Thursday September 24th with headliner episodes addressing a variety of topics:

  • What businesses can do about account takeovers that threaten the customer experience
  • How insurance providers can improve the digital experience 
  • Why businesses need to step up protections against friendly fraud

In a press release announcing the launch, Kount’s CMO Gary Sevounts highlighted the company’s longstanding presence in the industry as the motivating factor for launching the new series:

“Kount is deeply invested in helping businesses protect against emerging and existing fraud throughout the customer journey, from account protection to payment fraud prevention to bot detection,” he said. “The Kount team is looking forward to sharing news, trends, and best practices on fraud, cybersecurity, and eCommerce trends as they’re happening.”

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