Merchant Fraud Journal is proud to release its “Ecommerce Fraud Trends 2020” report. The report is the result of months of collaboration between our publication and the leading eCommerce fraud prevention vendors in the space. It brings together thirteen interviews with insight from some of today’s most influential fraud prevention voices. It represents an effort to give merchants a single, accessible resource where they can get information about what to keep in mind as they prepare their fraud prevention strategies for 2020.

“We reached out to the leading industry voices, and asked them to contribute their unique insights for a single report,” said Bradley Chalupski, Merchant Fraud Journal’s co-founder and Editor-in-chief in a press release. “They responded beyond our expectations. Merchants have everything they need here to understand what to look out for in 2020.”

Merchants can expect to get a diverse and wide-ranging and view of how to prepare to meet a number of ecommerce fraud trends that loom large for the new year including:

  • The technology fraudsters are using right now to defraud merchants, SMBs, and enterprise organizations
  • The best chargeback prevention strategies
  • How AI is impacting CNP and ATO Fraud attacks
  • The biggest fraud trends to watch out for in 2020

“We were very pleased to see how willing industry leaders were to contribute to a project without brand exclusivity. It shows how strong these brands are committed to helping merchants,” Dan Moshkovich, our CEO and co-founder said . “There is a desire to see fraud prevention vendors to educate the market collaboratively and coherently, and we are committed to continuing to do our part to make that a reality.”

We’d like to thank everyone in the industry for helping to make this report a reality. We can’t wait to keep serving this vibrant community in the future as we work together to fight eCommerce fraud.

~The Editorial Board.

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