As we wrap up the year (and the decade) we continue to make headway in the fraud prevention industry. We’ve posted over 400 new articles during 2019. The following are the top 5 posts by page views.

  1. 2019 eCommerce Fraud Trends. Our most read post highlights the recent trends from the present year. We outlined what we saw and heard based on feedback from merchants and condensed it into this post.
  2. 2020 Fraud Trends Report. Following on the ‘trends’ setting we spoke with 13 of the leading fraud vendors and got their feedback on what they see as the upcoming industry trends in 2020. We’ve put it all together in a massive 45 page downloadable report that has been downloaded thousands of times by our readers. If you haven’t got your copy yet – you can download it here.
  3. Influencer Insights: Nanoleaf. One of our first Influencer Insights interviews. We spoke with Paul Austin-Menear of Nanoleaf to discuss how merchants scale their fraud operations with the growth of their business.
  4. Top eCommerce Fraud Protection Solutions. A complete guide to the biggest and most widely used eCommerce fraud protection solutions available to merchants. We highlighted the features, strengths, weaknesses and pricing options so merchants can be better informed in their decision processes.
  5. 5 Types of eCommerce Fraud Explained. Rounding off the list is our overview of the 5 common types of fraud techniques merchants can expect from fraudsters.

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