Paris Retail Week 2019 will be held in Paris, France from September 24th-26th at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. It will feature 600+ exhibitors from across the eCommerce spectrum. This year, the conference

There will be five main tracks of activity:

  • IT for commerce. Technical solutions for eCommerce. Topics include integrations, voice search, platforms, hosting, and CMS.
  • Logistics, e-logistics, and supply chain. Optimizing delivery services. Topics include multi-channel and cross-border logistics, RFID, packaging, return management, and express delivery.
  • Marketing, data, and customer relations. Customer interaction optimization. Topics include analytics, ergonomics/UX, SEO, and mobile marketing
  • Retail tech/Digital(in) store. How to bring retail stores onto the cutting edge.  Topics include digital signage, VR, self-scanning, and interactive terminals.
  • Payments solutions. How to create secure and frictionless payments. Topics include cyber security, digital wallet, online payment cards, and contactless payment.

Paris Retail Week 2019 Attendees

In addition to the tracks, the conference will center around eight themes. These themes will help attendees with specific business challenges they face across all activity tracks.

“Paris Retail Week has a new look with a new programme looking at eight issues for online retailers and connected business,” the event website states. “The new organisation will help reinvent the business experience and provide a practical response to issues faced by retailers and online sellers 2019, Paris Retail Week is the only trade fair helping visitors meet 8 business challenges faced by retailers and online sellers.”

There is also a mentor assigned to each theme. Attendees will be able to learn about each topic from an expert speaker.

  • Marketing Innovation. Maud Funaro, Strategy, Digital, and Innovation Director at E.LECLERC
  • Marketplaces. Laura Pho Duc, Head of Marketing and Communications at Alibaba France
  • New Means of Payment. Cyril Bourgois, Chief Strategy, Digital and Innovation Office, CASINO
  • Supply Chain. Sebastien Hospital, Leader Supply chain
  • Omnichannel Commerce. Tatiana Pecanac. Ecommerce and Cross-channel Manager
  • Agile Customer Experience. Florence Chaffiotte, Marketing, Digital and Innovation Director, MONOPRIX
  • Data Optimization. Julien Henri Maurice, Marketing Director, BAZARCHIC
  • Marketing B2B. Sacha TIKHOMIROFF, Regional VP South Europe (France, Italy, Spain)

Paris Retail Week 2019 partnered with a number of high profile eCommerce vendors including the National Union of direct communication (SNCD), Payments and Cards Network, and GS1.

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