Thales, an international leader in technology solutions for companies, organizations, and governments, has finished its 4.8 billion euro acquisition of Digital Identity and Security firm Gemalto, the company said in a statement. The news comes fifteen months after the beginning of the process, and increases the number of Thales employees up to 80,000. The statement emphasized the acquisition gives the company capabilities at every stage of the decision making process in a digital, data driven world.

In addition, Thales will now be able to increase its R&D capabilities to continue innovating ways to further improve that decision making process.

“Research and development (R&D) is at the core of the new Group, with its 3,000 researchers and 28,000 engineers dedicated to R&D”, the company said.

“Thales has been developing state-of-the-art technologies to meet the most demanding requirements of customers around the world for decades. Today the Group has become a giant laboratory inventing the world of tomorrow, with a portfolio of 20,500 patents, of which more than 400 new ones were registered in 2018.”

The combination of full end-to-end capabilities, combined with the new research capacities, has Thales optimistic about its ability to provide better services in all of its key markets and verticals, and give customers tools and knowledge to make better decisions.

“With Gemalto, a global leader in digital identification and data protection, Thales has acquired a set of highly complementary technologies and competencies with applications in all of our five vertical markets, which are now redefined as aerospace; space; ground transportation; digitalidentity and security; and defence and security”, the company said.

These are the smart technologies that help people make the best choices at every decisive moment.”

With such as large amount of resources at its disposal, Thales Chairman and CEO Patrice Caine is confident that the future will see the firm becoming a global leader in identity and security.

“The acquisition is a turning point for the Group’s 80,000 employees. Together, we are creating a giant in digital identity and security with the capabilities to compete in the big leagues worldwide,” he said.


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