Trustonic, a cybersecurity company specializing in mobile, IoT, healthtech, and automotive systems has agreed to a strategic partnership with Samsung, the company announced in a press release. The agreement is for a multi-year deal and includes collaboration on commercial and go-to-market activities.

Trustonic currently works with mobile operators to manage over 70m devices, and this agreement will integrate the security features protecting them with the additional protection of the Samsung Knox security platform. Combined, the two will create a ‘single-cloud’ solution allowing operators and distributors to protect their entire mobile supply chains from a single point of reference.

The main problem the partnership is designed to solve is the inefficiencies and theft mobile network operators (MNOs) face in their supply chains.

“In working to mitigate revenue shrinkage and grow revenues, many MNOs currently have little to work with. From a device lock / unlock perspective, manual unlock codes are severely limited,” the press release said. “They do not protect devices pre-activation which is why we see large-scale theft in the supply chain. They are also easy to hack, are frustrating for consumers and expensive to administer for the MNOs.”

In addition to increased security the partnership also brings new opportunities for revenue growth, the press release said. It specifically references the financial and regulatory pressures of 5G adoption on companies, and the need to improve financial performance against this backdrop.

“Critically, this strategic partnership results in a premium solution which allows mobile operators to improve financial performance by preventing fraud across the device portfolio, while increasing revenues through device financing, protecting device subsidies and growing their subscriber base,” the press release said.

In the press release, Trustonic CEO Dion Price also touted the opportunities the partnership offers mobile operators to increase the device financing options available to them.

“This is a critical partnership that meets the demands of our mobile operator customers,” Price said. “As the choice in smartphones increases, so does the need for secure device financing solutions. Trustonic’s solution provides mobile operators the opportunity to increase adoption of device financing options across Samsung’s smartphones within their Android portfolio.”

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