Wordnet Payments, a leading omni-channel payments solution, has partnered with electronic payments technology provider POSDATA to provide EMV payments solutions to independent software vendors (ISV).

EMV payments are a “chip” technology used by all major credit cards in order to authenticate card present transactions. However, ISVs can run into trouble when it comes to integrating the tehcnology across all of the different touch points they have with customers:

POSDATA CEO JEffrey Creighton explained the reasoning behind the partnership in a recent statement:

Worldnet’s integrated and pre-certified EMV payments solutions, combined with POSDATA deployment capabilities including equipment stocking, software loading, and encryption key injection, will greatly enhance the ability for ISVs to develop and support payment solutions,” he said.

Worldnet Payments Ready to Deliver a Single Interface to ISVs

For his part, Worldnet Payment CEO Will Bryne explained that the partnership between the two companies is designed to give ISVs the ability to deploy an omni-channel strategy that includes EMV payments:

“ISVs who want to deliver payments capability to their customers often have the problem of dealing with multiple touchpoints across hardware suppliers, distributors, payments gateways and merchant accounts,” he said. “Worldnet and POSDATA are well-positioned to deliver all of these components in an integrated solution. Together, we can deliver this through a single interface to the customer, which is worth more than the sum of its parts for ISVs.”

The partnership is being widely viewed by experts as one more step towards eliminating friction with credit card payments. Rather than forcing card usage at every point of sale, consumers are increasingly seeking solutions that allow them to keep their payment info in a repository where vendors can get quick and easy access.

Ultimately, the ideal solution would be for customers to provide their information to a vendor a single time, and then be able to make purchases at every touch point without ever having to reenter their credit card details.

Source: https://worldnettps.com/post/worldnet-payments-and-posdata-group-launch-integrated-pre-certified-emv-payment-solutions-for-isvs/

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