Merchant Fraud Journal is proud to release our 2020 Chargeback & Representment guide. You can download it here.

The timing of the release is deliberate. For many merchants, February and March is the most common time for chargebacks. A successful December sales season can often be overshadowed by fraudsters who take advantage of high order volume and aggressive sales targets to slip through merchants’ defenses. The result is a ‘holiday hangover’ that frustrates and demoralizes merchants who must fight to retain their revenue.

Inside, you’ll first find valuable information to overcome representment challenges. These include understanding the current rules of major card issuers, knowing the data required by the cardholder’s issuing bank, and the definition of chargeback reason codes.

In addition, you’ll find interviews with the three well known and respected chargeback representment services:

  • Chargehound
  • Chargebacks 911
  • Mitigator

These industry leaders share their best practices about how to build internal processes to maximize dispute wins, presenting evidence to card issuers, common mistakes merchants make, and more. While there is no substitute for the expertise that comes with experience, you can use their insights to start improving your own processes today.

To get the guide, click here.


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