Adyen, an end-to-end payments solution for online, mobile, and in-store channels, partnered with food and grocery app Easi, the companies said in a statement.

Easi is based out of Australia, and is preparing to expand both locally within Australia and globally to foreign markets. As part of those rollout plans, the company is looking to reduce the impact of fraud on its business. In the statement, CIO Evan Li stated the need to mitigate risk as a key benefit in the partnership.

“We know that the online food delivery is one of the industries that fraudsters focus on and that’s why we’ve been working with Adyen to use a combination of machine learning and risk rules-based technology to help us to reduce the risk,” he said.

Companies expanding into new eCommerce markets often struggle to manage fraud. Even if a market is considered ‘safe’, a lack of knowledge about fraud patterns makes it difficult for both reduce chargebacks and keep false declines low. In the statement, Li states the partnership will provide the company with risk profiles that will make it easier to both fight fraud and maintain customer experience levels.

“Using transaction data and technology, Easi has been able to build tailored intelligent risk profiles that really strike a better balance between fraud prevention and a frictionless payment experience,” he said.

According to Michel van Aalten, Country Manager AUNZ Adyen, this is being done by making Adyen’s ‘RevenueProtect’ eCommerce fraud prevention available to Easi.

“Adyen is excited to partner with a growing local brand like Easi that appreciates the role of payments and fraud management in creating trusted, seamless customer experiences while boosting operational efficiencies,” he said. “The Adyen platform is built to support growth and we look forward in working closely with the Easi team as they continue their global expansion.”


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