Merchant Fraud Journal recently welcomed Jane Lee, Trust & Safety Architect at Sift, and Alexander Hall, a reformed high-level fraudster and the founder of Dispute Defense Consulting, for an important online event on the evolving complexities of payment fraud. We discussed increasing consumer adoption of alternative payment (non-credit card) methods such as cryptocurrency, and what it means for the future of card not present fraud prevention.

The webinar shared critical new information from Merchant Fraud Journal about merchants’ understanding of the need to combat this growing threat, explained the nature of the new fraud economy Sift’s internal data shows is being built around these methods, and revealed exactly how Alexander himself used these methods successfully during his career as a fraudster.

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • Data from Merchant Fraud Journal’s merchant survey, which revealed shocking data about merchants’ preparedness to fight the growing alternative payments threat
  • A discussion of the new fraud economy, including the innovative attack vectors merchants are using to operated in fraud prevention professionals’ blind spots
  • Behind the scenes information about how fraudsters exploit this new economy from a reformed high-level fraudster who successfully innovated fraud strategies and tactics for years

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