Riskified, a leading card not present fraud prevention company, is considering an IPO this year, Bloomberg has reported. Riskified is one of the leading card not present fraud prevention companies, and is a ‘unicorn’ company — meaning that although it is currently privately-held, its on-paper market valuation is over $1B.

Riskified’s most recent fundraising round came in 2019. It included investors such as General Atlantic, Fidelity Management & Research, and Winslow capital.

In the report, Bloomberg states that the company is currently working with Goldman Sachs on the potential listing. When asked for comment, Riskified maintained ambiguous about its plans for the future, stating that no final decision has been made at this time.

“We are constantly exploring ways in which Riskified can grow, for the benefit of its customers and employees,” a spokesperson for Riskified said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg. “The company does not comment on its financial or growth plans.”

A Riskified public listing would come at a time when card not present fraud is reaching all time highs. The company is a well-known leader in eCommerce fraud prevention, and would be well placed to use an injection of capital to increase its market offerings.





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