Google and PayPal integration capabilities will be expanded, Google said in a post to its blog.

The previous integration allowed people to use PayPal to pay for Google’s own services such as YouTube and Gmail. This expansion allows merchants that use Google Pay to offer shoppers the option to pay with PayPal. Moreover, functionality is available for merchants’ applications and websites.

“We’re thrilled to announce we’ve expanded our collaboration with PayPal to make payments easy and seamless no matter how or where your customers like to shop,” Google said in a post to its blog. “Now, you’ll be able to accept PayPal with Google Pay on your app or website in all 24 countries where your customers can link their PayPal account to Google Pay”.

Additionally, merchants will only need to add a single piece of code to enable the change. Once implemented, shoppers checking out with Google Pay will also be able to choose PayPal as a payment option.

Code snippet required for eCommerce merchants to offer a PayPal payment method on Google Pay
Code to make PayPal a Google Pay payment option

In it’s blog post, Google lays out the reasons for allowing merchants to connect PayPal to Google Pay. These include faster checkouts, giving customers more choice over how they pay for goods and services online, and PayPal’s wide popularity.

“Once users link their PayPal account, they won’t need to sign in to PayPal when they use it with Google Pay. This means they’ll enjoy fewer steps at checkout, which often leads to higher conversion rates,” the blog post said. In addition, your customers will get all the advantages that come with their PayPal account—like Purchase Protection and Return Shipping—along with Google Pay’s fast, simple checkout experience and increased security.

When shoppers pay via the PayPal integration, merchants will receive the funds directly into the PayPal Business Account. Overall, this functionality is the second major change to PayPal’s relationship with merchants this year. Earlier, the company launched the PayPal commerce platform, specifically to help SMBs expand.


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