FreedomPay, a payment technology company, has partnered with Forter, a fraud prevention software company, to address growing concern over ecommerce fraud as online shopping increases, said Forter officials.

“Forter’s fraud prevention capabilities protect merchants on FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform and ensure that only legitimate transactions are approved. This not only increases the volume of transactions we are able to process, but also helps to build brand loyalty by providing an optimal consumer experience,” said Chris Kronenthal, President and CTO at FreedomPay.

This partnership provides an extensive database by connecting customers’ digital identities across various online businesses, payment providers, banks, and geographies, to recognize and approve good buyers, decrease false declines of legitimate customers, and catch fraud before it happens in the merchant network. This ensures that merchants of FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform benefit from Forter’s global network and fraud prevention technology.


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