SecurityMetrics, a data security and compliance company, has won the “Overall Web Security Solution of the Year” award with its web skimming security product in the fourth annual cybersecurity products and services awards program held by CyberSecurity Breakthrough.

SecurityMetrics’ Webpage Integrity Monitoring (WIM) solution detects malicious JavaScript injections which can activate after customers enter credit card information at checkout pages. These are undetectable by vulnerability assessment (VA) scanners, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), or antivirus software. WIM detects these suspicious changes during transactions and alerts the website owner.

“These attacks are difficult to detect and cost the payments industry millions of dollars in credit card fraud. We are proud to take on this growing threat head-on with new, revolutionary solutions and this 2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award is a powerful testament to our success in this area,” said Brad Caldwell, CEO at SecurityMetrics, in a press release.


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