Germany eCommerce is expected to reach 58.8 billion euro’s worth of value in 2019, Germany media is reporting. That total that marks a 9% increase over the 2018 statistic.

The large increase is being attributed mostly as a knock-on effect to younger generations’ increasing purchasing power. Contrary to the more elderly generations that are on average less comfortable with eCommerce, younger generations have come to embrace it.

As more and more consumer demographics fill with generations comfortable with online shopping, the amount of money being spent on the web is only expected to grow. In fact, if there was one downside to this year’s impressive increase it’s that the rate of growth actually decelerated from the 10% growth the country enjoyed last year.

But given the media is also reporting that 34% of German eCommerce shoppers expect to spend more money online this year than last year, expect to see that percentage increase even higher in the near future.


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