Dana Nessel, the Attorney General of Michigan, used a recent press conference to encourage people to take precautions after it was revealed that 600,000 personal medical records of state residents were stolen. The theft occurred during a hack of the Wolverine Solutions Group (“Wolverine”).

“Wolverine is offering two levels of identity protection to individuals affected by the breach,” said Fox. “If you receive a letter from the company, we urge you to read it carefully and consider enrolling in the free credit monitoring service,” Nessel said.

Wolverine Solutions Group released a statement explaining it was a victim of a blackmail attempt by hackers, who had been able to restrict the company’s access to certain records before offering to restore it for a fee

It then went on to assure customers that it appeared no data had been stolen.

“As a result of our investigation, WSG believes that the records were simply encrypted. There is currently no indication that the information itself was extracted from WSG’s servers,” the statement said.

Nevertheless, the company still urged customers to monitor their credit reports for any suspicious activity in the near future.


Michigan Department of the Attorney General statement: https://www.michigan.gov/ag/0,4534,7-359-82916_81983_47203-491638–,00.html

Wolverine Solutions Group statement: http://www.wolverinemail.com/cyber-security-event/

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