Montevideo, Uruguay, June 16, 2020 – dLocal, an award-winning fintech company that specializes in cross-border payments for emerging markets, today announced the launch of Chargeback Protector, a new service that works in tandem with dLocal Defense, a fraud-detection module that identifies and addresses fraud in real-time.

A chargeback occurs when a business has to repay a payment following a cardholder’s claim that a purchase made on their card was fraudulent. Under the new service, dLocal assumes the chargeback risk and guarantees merchants free fraudulent chargebacks in exchange for a localized, customized fee.

Both services aim to help merchants achieve lower and more-predictable risk management costs.

“Chargeback Protector helps merchants maximize conversions, boost revenues, and penetrate markets that would otherwise carry a higher risk of chargebacks. This is particularly vital at the moment because the pandemic has increased the amount of chargebacks for merchants,” said Bruno Spagnuolo, Head of Fraud Prevention at dLocal. “This solution eases one of the biggest concerns for both merchants and end-users, enabling a more pleasant, seamless, and efficient e-commerce experience for all stakeholders.”

Key benefits for dLocal merchant clients that use Chargeback Protector include:

●      Time and cost savings. Responding to chargebacks is a time-consuming and costly activity, as it requires online merchants to gather detailed evidence to reverse chargebacks. For small- to medium-sized enterprises selling into international markets, the threat can be particularly imposing without dedicated resources to monitor, detect, and resolve transaction disputes. With Chargeback Protector, dLocal automatically reimburses the merchant in the event of a chargeback.

●      Reduced financial and reputational risk. On top of the significant financial costs, such as lost revenue and penalty fees, frequent chargebacks and disputes over refunds also create reputational risks for merchants.

●      Normalized cash flow. Cash flow is often a problem for businesses dealing with chargebacks (whose disputed amounts are held aside for the weeks or months that the dispute process is ongoing). Chargeback Protector allows businesses to have more consistent, predictable cash flow.

●      Fair pricing. Unlike other chargeback-protection services, which charge a set percentage per transaction, Chargeback Protector customizes its pricing per industry, per country, based on localized transaction analytics. By using this unique pricing model, dLocal can calculate an appropriate fee that is optimized against a unique risk profile for each merchant, in each specific market. This ensures clients aren’t overpaying in regions in which the risk of chargebacks is less pronounced.

Chargeback Protector is built on dLocal Defense, a proprietary, localized fraud-detection module, which leverages machine learning technology to continuously monitor, identify and address fraud in real-time, across markets. dLocal Defense is built on years of payments processing experience in a given country, and continuously being updated by its machine learning model.

Chargeback Protector is available to existing and new clients as an add-on feature to dLocal’s core payments platform. Defense is already included in dLocal’s core payments platform and doesn’t carry any additional fee for clients.

So while dLocal reimburses its merchants for every chargeback via Chargeback Protector, the company, through its Defense module, facilitates frictionless transactions for legitimate payments, continuously optimizes conversion rates and increases sales for its merchants while monitoring for fraudulent transactions.


About dLocal
dLocal is the only 360 payments platform designed to handle mass online payments in Latin America and other emerging countries across APAC, the Middle East and Africa.

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