Payment provider Everlink will extend its deployment of ACI Worldwide’s “UP Payments” Risk Management solution to power its new fraud prevention solution, eSCORE. ACI made the announcement via a press release.

In a statement, Michelle Burger, General Manager, Card Management and Fraud Solutions, at Everlink highlighted the need for payment providers to adapt to evolving eCommerce fraud trends. Specifically, she highlighted the need to continuously improve at chargeback prevention and keep false positive declines low.

“As payment card fraud continues to evolve, we needed to protect our clients and their customers as they encounter new risks brought on by innovative payment options such as mobile wallets and co-badged debit cards,” she said.  “With ACI’s Model Generator, we’re able to use advanced machine learning to analyze face-to-face and card-not-present debit card transactions, enhancing fraud detection rates and reducing false positives.”

There is a noticeable increase in the use of machine learning techniques in eCommerce fraud prevention. As fraudsters become increasingly sophisticated and even professional, merchants must do more to stay ahead of the curve. To meet this challenge, they increasingly turn to complex techniques such as applying behavioral analytics to transaction data which require large amounts of expertise and computing power to execute.

“Everlink has contributed to Canada’s market-wide low debit card fraud rates, and now its market leading offering, eSCORE, will take the brand and its market share to new heights,” ACI Worldwide’s Head of Payments Intelligence, Cleber Martins, said in the press release. “ACI’s Model Generator was designed to enable multiple options and flexibility in machine learning deployments, and it has empowered Everlink to become a differentiator in the market with its new machine learning solution.”

Adding to the difficulty is the need to maintain the customer experience while scaling eCommerce fraud processes. Although no technology can prevent all fraud, decrease false positives, and be entirely invisible to customers, there will undoubtedly be and increasing interest in technology partnerships surrounding machine learning for the forseeable future.


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